Introducing the Salted Line underwater housing for Sony RX100 cameras mark 3 to mark 7

Introducing the new Salted Line underwater housing for Sony RX100 camera series, that was created for surfing and underwater photography. 

It is the world's 1st underwater housing for surfing photography with Sony RX100 mark 7 camera that offers unique features and accessories such as:
  • Full access to the camera control wheel
  • Detachable 2-stage pistol grip trigger
  • Optical viewfinder (for RX100 VII and VI cameras)
  • Interchangeable port system with bayonet mount
  • Built-in moisture alarm
  • Vacuum pump system with LED indicator for water tightness check
Salted Line underwater housing for surfing photography

Our waterproof housing is compatible with the following Sony cameras:

  • Sony RX100 III

  • Sony RX100 IV

  • Sony RX100 V

  • Sony RX100 VI

  • Sony RX100 VII


If you are familiar with Sony RX100 cameras, you are familiar that zooming to 70mm retracts the lens backward on RX100 mark 3, RX100 mark 4 and RX100 mark 5. However Sony RX100 mark 6 and mark 7 can zoom up to 200mm by extending the length and in our underwater housing you can use the fill focal length.  

Full access to camera control wheel

One of the main features our housing has is the full access to the control wheel allowing you to change camera settings in manual mode. 

Solted Line housing full access to camera control wheel

Especially for the surf photography, our unit comes in two colors: black and white. The waterproof housing in White color will reflect most of the direct sunlight allowing your camera to stay relatively cool. 

Salted Line underwater housing in white color

Detachable 2-stage Pistol Grip trigger

Salted Line is the world's first waterproof housing for RX100 mark III - VII cameras and has a detachable two-stage pistol grip trigger. The two-stage pistol grip accessory will provide a crucial convenience to operate with the camera in the most dynamic and challenging water environment. 

Salted Line underwater housing with pistol grip trigger

Optical Viewfinder

There are more unique features like the optical viewfinder, which is relevant only for RX100 mark 6 and mark 7 models:

Salted Line waterprof housing with optical viewfinder

Interchangeable Post System

Our underwater housing has an interchangeable port system with bayonet mount, and you want to shoot macro, the optional Flat Short Macro Port with 67mm thread can be easily installed. This short macro port is suitable for the Sony RX100 mark III, IV and V cameras and it features the 67mm thread to attach the wet lenses is required for better quality underwater macro shoot. Because the Sony RX100 mark 6 and mark 7 lens expends, compared to the Sony RX100 mark 5 that retracts, we designed the special macro port that is suitable for RX100 mark 7 including the 67mm thread for wet lenses.

Salted Line underwater housing for Sony RX100 with interchangeable port system

Besides the macro port, we also offer the 6 or 8 inches Dry Dome Ports for those who want to take split-photos also called as above-and-below. 8 inches Dome Port is great for taking those sunset split-photos, but is it more buoyant, therefore for scuba diving we recommend using the 6 inch Dry Dome Port as it has less volume as will be easier to control underwater.

Underwater housing for Sony RX100 with 6 inch dome port

We believe the compact size of RX100 camera series and ability to take incredible photos inside our Salted Line waterproof housing will benefit all surfing photographers world wide. Not only for the size but also for the quality of the pictures the camera can deliver. 
Salted Line underwater housings for Sony RX100 cameras are offering the robust and well designed housing construction and ergonomics at the unbeatable low price thanks to our dedication to the "direct sales only" to clients without intermediate resellers. 
See the detailed product descriptions and order your Salted Line housing here.

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