Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do you have my selected product(s) in stock?
Yes, we do have products in stock, otherwise you would see the "pre-order" banner on a product image or "sold out" mark on the product page. In case we are sold out, the stock replenishment is normally expected in a week or 10 days and you can pre-order your products to get them immediately after the stock arrival.

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Q. Is standard port always included in the Salted Line underwater housing box?
All Salted Line underwater housings come with Standard Optical Glass Port in the box. Please refer to the "package includes" section at the bottom of each product page to see exactly what is included with your product order.

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Q. What is the depth rating for the Salted Line underwater housing unit?
Depth rating for all underwater housing units with Standard Port is 60 meters / 195ft, with all other Flat Ports and Dry Dome Ports the depth rating is 40 meters / 130ft.

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Q. Which lenses require a Dome Port for underwater photography? 
It is generally recommended to place Zoom lenses less than 35mm at their widest point behind a Dome Port. 

Check out our Ports and Lenses Compatibility Chart for the details

Q. Do you have a Ports and Lenses Compatibility Chart? 
Yes, we have consolidated the following Ports and Lenses Compatibility Chart for Salted Line housings so that you can easily understand which lenses can be used with your selected housing-port setup.

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Q. Do you provide a Warranty? 
All products purchased at our website have 1 year limited Warranty, please refer to our Warranty Policy for details.



Q. What are the payment options on your website? 
You can pay with your Visa, Amex, Master Card credit cards or with your PayPal account, Google Pay, Apple Pay ot IDEAL.

Payment options available at Salted Line Europe website

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Q. Is it safe to pay with my credit card on your website? 

Yes, it is safe.

We are using the Shopify Pay payment provider ( for all credit card payments. Shopify, as a global e-commerce solutions provider, is taking care of payment processing and security, including the PCI-compliant servers and end-to-end encription. Please note: no one from Salted Line Europe team has access to your credit card details, we only get the payment confirmation from Shopify or Paypal once you complete the purchase on our website and we do not store any payment data on our website. 

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Q. Can I pay with a Cheque or an eCheque ? 
Unfortunately, we do not accept payments by cheques. We only accept credit card or PayPal / Google Pay / Apple Pay / IDEAL payments.

Q. Can I get a discount code as a new / returning customer?
Our policy is only Direct Sales from our website to customers, we are not selling to intermediaries, therefore our pricing is very attractive and better than any other comparable quality housings in the market. It is not our policy to provide personal discounts to new or returning customers. If there is a promotion happening we will notify all customers via our Instagram or Facebook pages.

We only allow for a small number of "family and friends" discounts for our product testing partners and reputable diving and surfing photography online resources, those discount codes can only be found on our partner websites.

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Q. How do you charge VAT tax for your website orders? 
When we sell goods to a customer who does not make a VAT return in Europe, for example a private individual, we have to charge the local VAT rate. But there is an important exception to this rule which is related to the agreed minimum Threshhold amounts of annual purchases, you can read more about this at "Export to customers in the EU who do not make a VAT return" (in Dutch). As a result, for all purchases from private individuals below the minimum annual Threshhold amount we have to apply the Dutch VAT rate of 21%. 

We can sell our products to a registered business owners with local EU VAT registration in this case the VAT rate will be zero. This needs to be arranged manually via individual Draft invoice. We will need your name, business name, VAT registration number and all delivery address and phone details plus the items list you want to include in the draft order. We will send you an order link by email for your check and finalization.
In this case, our registered business customer calculates the VAT according to the rate that applies in his/her EU country and pays it in that country. For Salted Line Europe as a supplier, this is an intra-Community delivery. For our client, it counts as an intra-Community acquisition.


For all other orders from non-EU countries the VAT is not applicable.

Q. Do you refund the VAT paid if the order gets cancelled or refunded?

Yes, if you are confirmed for the order cancellation or refund, all VAT amounts paid are 100% refunded as well.

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Q. How do you ship the confirmed orders to customers?

Please refer to our Shipping Policy for all details on this matter

Q. How long does it take to deliver my order?

Please refer to our Shipping Policy for all details on this matter

Q. How can I track my order delivery progress?
Once your order is shipped out, we will send you an e-mail to notify you that your parcel has been dispatched and in that email you will find a link to the shipping company website. You will be able to track the status of your order delivery.

Please refer to our Shipping Policy for all details on this matter


Q. Can you give us some "tips and tricks" for beginners how to enjoy the underwater photo shooting and get better results with little experience in Sony a6000/a6300/a6400/a6500 cameras? 

We are happy to support all UW photo- and video- beginners. Please note that the underwater photography and video filming has to deal with many natural parameters such as temperature, humidity, light conditions, underwater pressure, wave turbulence. It will take time until you get fluent with all pre- and post- diving routine. Here are few tips you can consider for your initial UW Photography steps:

- Always prepare your Salted Line Underwater Housing and camera for shooting in advance before you leave to the location to minimize any chance of moisture getting in and causing condensation to form on the inside of the port or get into the camera. The optional VPS-100 vacuum system in our accessories can help you better escape the unwanted fogging inside the housing.

- Apply a very small amount silicone grease into your O-ring, probably after every 2 or 3rd session, it’s good to get into the habit of doing it regularly, don’t stretch or pinch the O-ring, it’s delicate.

- Set the shutter priority mode at minimum 1/60th second, a double rule for the effective lens length.

- Consider doing a quick dunk test in the shallows, study the seals and the inside of the housing for any leaks before swimming into the line-up

- Try continuous shooting at medium speed. The camera allows you to keep shooting with one press and the initial shot often has a little camera shake from the stiff button. In continuous shooting mode the subsequent photos will have no distortion.

- Ensure continuous Auto Focus in the continuous shooting mode since you may be drifting nearer/farther away from the subject.

- Use Auto ISO - it will almost always pick the widest aperture with the fixed shutter speed and then take the lowest needed ISO to get the exposure

- You may want to tape your camera flash to the camera body before the dive so that it does not accidently come out under the water. This is mostly helpful if you plan to shoot wide-angle (meaning shooting the large objects, not Macro). Flash-ON may bring the unwanted backscatter (particles in the water) for the wide-angle shots.

- Always (!) hand over your camera to the people on your boat before your climb back onboard. There were miltple cases reported when underwater housing is smashed into the side of a boat by the waves if handled poorly, causing the damage to the housing and the camera inside. Such cases of physical damage are not covered by our warranty services.

- Rinse the housing out in fresh water after you use it

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