Salted Line Underwater Housing for Sony RX100 III-VII - User Guide

Complete Guide for Salted Line Underwater Housing for Sony RX100 III-VII - one of the best waterproof housings in the market

The Sony RX100 cameras starting with mark III have been very popular on-the-go compact cameras delivering great image quality from a pocket size form factor. 20.1 Megapixels 1-inch sensor produces fantastic images. Mark VI and VII featured the super reach of the lens up to 200mm which is amazing for the super macro shots underwater. Crazy levels of magnification and close focus ability made the Mark VI and VII one of the best cameras for underwater photo and video shooting. 

Quick Overview of Salted Line Housing Benefits

If you are a frequent traveller and Sony RX100 is your compact companion on land and below sea level, these are the most important benefits you get from the Salted Line Underwater Housing for Sony RX100 cameras.

  • Compatible with Sony RX100 mark III, IV, V, VI and VII
  • Full access to the camera control wheel allows you to change settings in manual mode
  • Interchangeable port system with bayonet docking allows the use of various Wide Angle and Macro ports
  • Optical viewfinder (works with RX100 VI and VII) offers great flexibility to surf and shorebreak photographers
  • Built-in leak alarm sensor gives you the peace of mind underwater
  • Optional detachable 2-stage Pistol Grip trigger give you the optimal control on your focus and shutter release
  • Port for the Vacuum pump and LED indicator (sold separately) allows to check the water tightness of your housing after assembly
  • Port for Fiber optic cable connects your fiber optic lighting gear
  • Depth rate 60 meters or 195 feet with Standard port supplied in the package allows you to dive quite deep and capture the magic sea life beneath 

Full Access to Camera Control Wheel 

One of the main features in Salted Line waterproof housing for Sony RX100 cameras is full access to the control wheel allowing you to change camera settings in manual mode. 

Housing design allows you to operate the following control settings:

  • ON/OFF (Power) Switch
  • Shutter button
  • Mode selector dial
  • Control ring
  • Flash button
  • MENU button
  • For shooting: W/T (zoom) lever For viewing: (Index) lever/ Playback zoom lever
  • Video record button
  • FN button
  • Control wheel
  • Center button
  • C/ (Custom/Delete) button
  • Playback button

Interchangeable port system with bayonet docking

Salted Line Underwater Hosuing for Sony RX100 black  

Smart interchangeable port system with bayonet mount works with a variety of Dry Ports for Wide Angle and Macro shooting. If you want to shoot macro, you can use the optional Flat Short Macro Port with 67mm thread. This short macro port is suitable for the Sony RX100 mark III, IV and V cameras and it features the 67mm thread to attach the wet lenses required for better quality underwater macro shoot. Because the Sony RX100 mark 6 and mark 7 lens expands, compared to the Sony RX100 mark 5 that retracts, there is a special macro port that is suitable for RX100 mark 7 including the 67mm thread for wet lenses. This port works all the way to 200mm zoom.

Wide angle shots will look fantastic with optional 4” Dry Dome Port, 6” Dry Dome Port or even 8” Dry Dome Port which allow for the sharp image details, clarity and superb color.

Optical Viewfinder

When shooting surf and shorebreak photography under the direct sunlight with your RX100 mark VI or VII, the Optical Viewfinder feature might be helpful to get the proper composition of the shot at that very moment when it's absolutely needed. It’s natural that you need to look at the Salted Line Housing with 2-Stage Pistol Grip trigger version if you do surf photography or shooting waves.

Built-in leak alarm sensor

Salted Line underwater housing for Sony RX100 leak sensor image

This feature is already becoming a basic must-have option for all underwater housings. The moisture sensor is placed at the bottom part inside the housing and it gives a sound and LED blinking alert if the moisture drops are detected inside your housing. 

We all know that there are multiple parameters that may lead to the moisture detection inside the housing, like air temperature differences during the kit assembly and at the dive site, the sunlight or air conditioner flow, so not every leak alarm is actually signalling about the housing problems. Nevertheless, we do not want to risk our camera when underwater, so the built-in leak sensor is highly appreciated in all professional underwater housings.

Detachable 2-stage Pistol Grip trigger

Salted Line underwater Housing for Sony RX100 white Pistol Grip. Salted Line underwater Housing for Sony RX100 white bottom part

The 2-stage Pistol Grip trigger provides an ergonomic convenience to operate the camera in the most dynamic and challenging water environment, like shorebreak waves and surfing photography. The 2-stage trigger button is designed to capture the focus after a half-press and then release the shutter exactly at the right moment with the full press of the button. 

There is a stainless steel plate built into the bottom part of Salted Line housing, so the Pistol Grip is safely and securely attached to the housing and withstand significant and multiple pressure hits without transferring any damage to the housing body. It is very easy to remove the Pistol Grip from the housing and add, for example, an Aluminium Dual Handle Tray for better housing control during the scuba diving.

Port for the Vacuum Pump System (VPS)

Everything around your gear may influence the quality of your underwater photography session: timing of housing system setup, ambient temperature, setting up the lights and floating arms, humidity differences inside and outside, presence of an air-conditioner, direct sunlight, the microclimate in your car trunk and so on. So the one thing that you may want to clear up in the very beginning – the underwater camera housing needs to be water tight for the required depth and reliability.

All underwater housings do water seal with one or two O-rings on the edges of the housing body and the housing back panel, as well as some more O-rings around the lens port and technological holes. When you insert your camera into a housing and close it with the latch-locks or crews, the O-Rings seal off the water under mechanical pressure and allow you to dive with your housing to the depth indicated in the housing depth rating (usually 20-60 meters deep for the mass market housings, our Salted Line Housings are designed for the 60 meters / 195 ft depth rating when used with the Standard Flat Port).

Salted Line housings are equipped with a special port for vacuum pump system and the LED valve that indicates the status of your housing watertightness. 

We offer a dedicated and more extensive tutorial for the Salted Line VPS system which will provide you with all important details and explanations.

Other Nice Features

Here is the list of additional helpful features that may help you to evaluate how Salted LIne housings fits your underwater photography needs. 

  • Lightweight polycarbonate housing body
  • Dual O-Ring seal
  • Fiber optic cable port
  • Depth rating 60 meters or 95 feet

We hope that our guide helped you to get a good understanding about Salted Line housings for Sony RX100 cameras. Looking forward to seeing you in our customers list.

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