Spare O-ring for Salted Line Housing (Backplate)


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To ensure secure sealing, you are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to clean the O-ring and the O-ring tunnel 
every time before and after your underwater camera use.

To replace the O-Ring on the Salted Line housing:

  1. Lift the O-Ring up with a round-corner plastic card, no sharp edges
  2. Remove the excess silicon grease with a soft paper tissue, avoid stretching or deforming the O-Ring
  3. Remove the excess silicon grease, hair, or sand from the groove on the front of the housing and from the flat part of the rear of the housing that goes against the O-Ring when closed
  4. Put the O-Ring back into the groove of the front of the housing, make sure it fits nicely and evenly around the groove
  5. Apply the silicone grease over the O-Ring and even it out with your finger along with the whole O-Ring. The O-Ring needs to look "wet" all over but without the excessive amounts of grease
  6. Place the rear of the housing on the O-Ring and close the latches
  7. Test underwater for the good seal the first time without the camera and you are ready.

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