4" Wide Angle Wet Correctional Dome Port Lens (67mm Round Adapter)

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Wide Angle Correctional Dome Port lens

Depth rate: 165FT / 60M

Size of the sphere: 4" / 10.16 CM

This is a wet accessory and it won't work on the surface.

Attachment must be done underwater!
The space between the front of the housing and the back of a wide-angle lens must be filled with water in order to achieve the desired wide-angle effect.

The purpose of this accessory is to restore the original angle of a lens. Most of the underwater camera housings come with a flat port and when using the camera underwater with a flat port it loses around 28% of a view angle. By attaching this accessory to underwater housing - it restores the original view angle of a lens, just like on the surface.

Keep in mind that this accessory can only be attached to underwater housings that have 67mm thread at the port.

If underwater housing doesn't have 67mm thread on the port - it won't fit/work!

Package includes:

- 4" Wide Angle Wet Correctional Dome Port Lens
- Neoprene cover
- User manual

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