Just released! Salted Line RX1xx series housing for Sony RX100

Thank you all for waiting, we are proud to announce that the new RX1xx series of Salted Line underwater housings for Sony RX100 mark VII / VI / V / IV / III compact cameras has been released and available for sale. 


This super compact housing is offering unique set of features that make it the world best waterproof housing for compact RX100 cameras including the VII version:

  • Detachable 2 stage pistol grip trigger
  • Optical viewfinder (for RX100 VI camera)
  • Interchangeable port system with bayonet mount
  • Built-in moisture alarm
  • Vacuum pump system with LED indicator for water tightness check

The basic model of the RX1xx series Salted Line housing comes with the Standard optical glass Flat Port 

You can also get a 4" Dome port version of RX1xx Salted Line housing or a 6" Dome port version of RX1xx Salted Line housing

Please have a look at the short introduction video of the main housing features and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have, just send us an email or contact our team via Facebook or Instagram.

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