Coming soon: Salted Line Underwater Housing for Sony RX100 III, IV, V, VI cameras

We are announcing the n
ew model RX1xx series Salted Line water housing is going to be available to all underwater photographers with Sony RX100 VI/V/IV/III cameras.

This is the world's first (!) underwater housing for RX100 that offers the following advantages:

✅ Interchangeable port system for multiple Wide Angle and Macro ports

✅ Multi coated optical GLASS Standard Port

✅ Optional Pistol Shutter Grip with half-press pre-focus

✅ Optical viewfinder

✅ Optional Vacuum seal pump

✅ 60 meters depth rate

✅ FREE standard shipping in Europe



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I’m really looking forward to buy this housing. I have a surf job coming next August. I’d like to know if the housing will be commercialised before/after summer? Thank you very much

Mat April 18, 2020

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