Coming soon: Salted Line Underwater Housing for Sony RX100 III, IV, V, VI cameras

We are announsing the new model RX1xx series Salted Line water housing is going to be available to all underwater photographers with Sony RX100 VI/V/IV/III cameras.

This is the world's first (!) underwater housing for RX100 that offers the following advantages:

✅ Interchangeable port system for multiple Wide Angle and Macro ports

✅ Multi coated optical GLASS Standard Port

✅ Optional Pistol Shutter Grip with half-press pre-focus

✅ Optical viewfinder

✅ Optional Vacuum seal pump

✅ 60 meters depth rate

✅ FREE standard shipping in Europe

Here is how the zoom ring from the Salted Line housing is added to the Sony RX100 camera before inserting camera into the housing:

Sony RX100 camera with zoom ring from Salted Line underwater housing

It is then very easy to insert Sony RX100 camera into the housing:

Easy installation of the Sony RX100 camera inside the Salted Line housing

And after adding the Alluminium Handle Tray Mount the housing set is ready for its dive:

New Salted Line underwater housing for Sony RX100 ready for dive with handle tray mount

You can see find the introduction video with more detailed overview of the RX1xx series housing model here on our YouTube channel.

We plan to get the first stock for sale in Europe arounf mid June 2019, please stay tuned for the relevant notificatiosn frmo our Instagram account @saltedlineeurope 

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I’m really looking forward to buy this housing. I have a surf job coming next August. I’d like to know if the housing will be commercialised before/after summer? Thank you very much

Mat April 18, 2020

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