Macro port for RX1xx Salted Line with 67mm thread (For Sony RX100 VI-VII camers)


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Since the Sony RX100 VI-VII camera lens extends a lot compared to the previous models, this macro port was designed specifically for RX100 VI-VII cameras and will not for with RX100 III/ IV/ V versions. This port is intended to be used for macro only and the ideal focal length without vignetting is between 70mm and 200mm.
This flat port with 67mm thread allows you to also attach wet close up and macro lenses.

NOT compatible with A7Siii / A7IV Salted Line series housings!

    Package includes:

    • Macro port for RX1xx Salted line with 67mm thread (For RX100 VI - VII only)
    • Macro port cap

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