The 8" Glass Dome Port Now Available for Purchase!

The 8" Glass Dome Port is an essential tool for underwater photographers seeking superior image quality. It's perfect for wide-angle photography and over-under shots, providing incredible clarity and sharpness that far surpasses standard ports. The dome is designed to reduce distortion, improve edge sharpness, and enhance overall image quality underwater.

Constructed with durable, 5mm high-quality optical correct glass, this domes port can withstand depths of up to 40 meters (130 feet), ensuring you can explore the depths of the ocean and capture stunning images without worry.

The 8" Glass Dome Port is compatible with various Sea Frogs underwater camera housings. Its features and robust build make it an exceptional accessory for both professional underwater photographers and aquatic adventure enthusiasts alike.

The 8" Glass Dome Port is now available for purchase on our 

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